Route 66 with BMW M3 Finance

If you are a car enthusiast you would no doubt have dreamed about driving route 66 across America from Los Angeles to Chicago. It has definitely been my dream to take my girl friend on this captivating journey over 2,000 miles right through the heart of the USA. When I decided to pursue this dream and make it a reality I obviously came face to face with the big question what car was I going to choose?

Well there was only one car it could be in my eyes as I needed something classy, sporty and because it’s a long way it had to be comfortable. With this in mind my choice was made for me it had to be the BMW M3 saloon. Not the cheapest of cars I hear you say however I found a brilliant deal with BMW M3 Finance which helped me make my final decision on this car. It was so simple and the deal was set up in no time at all.

BMW M3 Finance best deals

I found that I didn’t have to wait months to save up a deposit as the deposit was my old car. They ran credit checks but this took a matter of hours to confirm that I was good for the repayments and I was soon presented with the sign on the dotted line contract which set the ball rolling and got my brand new BMW M3 Finance set up and the car on order from the factory. I got to chose everything I wanted for the car from the colour down to the interior and the music system which of course is a must if you are travelling route 66. Another must was the seats and I got to choose an ergonomic design which would support the body with it’s contoured side panels, headrests, arm rests and support in the lumbar area.

BMW M3 Finance

The service was brilliant. I was treated like a first time buyer and when I shared with the sales team my desire to drive it across America then I had all the team giving me tips on where I should stop and visit.

Just do it with Porsche Finance!

You ask the question – “Why buy a Porsche?” You are a young upwardly mobile lad with a brilliant career ahead of you, maybe already have a growing annual income which makes you financially able to splash out the cash for a nice sports car if not in full but on a higher purchase or payment plan scheme. So you are looking around for that nice drive which also has the image and status to say you are definitely going places. You look at the Porsche 991 and ask yourself, “Shall I buy?” My answer to you is just do it, as with Porsche Finance you can have some cracking deals with easy pay back options.

Porsche Finance

So why pick this particular model? When I bought my first sports car I must admit that it was a massive task that left me in a dilemma for months on which one to eventually settle on. So I thought there must be loads out there in just the same place and I need to tell them how I made my final decision to get the Porsche.

Built it yourself with Porsche Finance

Porsche pride themselves in the fact that their cars are very individual and can meet the needs and desires of anyone. I found that every Porsche that leaves the factory is ordered and designed to the specification of the individual customer.

I began by doing my own research on the web and in all the latest car mags as well as chatting with other car enthusiasts to find out what specifications are good, what specifications are a must and what specifications are not really needed. I must admit it was a very interesting and fun experience.

The most clear help I found though was from the Porsche Finance website as it had all the information about each specification in an easy format and which allowed me to make a selection. The website also had a brilliant virtual car interactive app which allowed me to select different features and try out if they went together. I could experiment with different options from models to tyres to engines and it was great fun as the site also allowed me to print out my ideas.

However all this pre purchase research, although enjoyable, still didn’t seal the deal in my eyes. What it needed was the hands on touch and the getting behind the wheel myself in the real world. The Porsche dealer I went to was brilliant and he had a range of models with different specification which he was happy for me to try out.

Then, guess what, I just did it and got my first Porsche.

Range Rover Finance for fashionable SUVs

In bygone days the Range Rover was often considered as the farmer’s truck that just plodded along on the farm track or rattled along at 30mph on the road. But gone are those days and today it is becoming increasingly fashionable to drive a Range Rover even for people who never take them off road.

One of the most popular models which is bought through Range Rover Finance is the new Evoque which has been around since 2011. It’s not a huge SUV and it can be compared to the Audi Q3 or even the BMW X1 however there are a few minor details that make a massive difference to it overall in my eyes at least. Although small it can still be mistaken for a full size Range Rover and it can also go off road like a full-size Range Rover. What is really nice though is that although it looks like the huge Range Rover it doesn’t have the heaviness of one and this makes it great for city driving and family shopping trips. This however doesn’t mean that it is skimpy with space you will find that there is ample leg room even for the tallest amongst us and the boot is also very spacious.

Range Rover Finance

Value for money with Range Rover Finance.

A Range Rover name is always worth the money and the Evoque is now just £30,000 on the road. What is more Range Rover Finance have fantastic deals on offer at the moment. With just a small deposit and pay back over 3 – 6 years it’s an easy way to get a SUV with the Range Rover badge making you the envy of the neighbours.

However you may begin to think that this is too good to be true but think again because the Evoque is well made and Range Rover have not held back on the extravagance of this model. There are alloy wheels, heated leather seats and even climate control. Moreover it isn’t just decadent and stylish but it also has top-notch safety in mind with not just front driver and passenger airbags but airbags for every seat. There is also a fantastic emergency braking system the ensures that safe on the road.